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Illustrations courtesy of MC Wood ©.

Wren line drawing - mc wood
Pond margin
Line drawing from the ‘Travellers’ Nature Guide to Britain’ (OUP) by MC Wood



Books written:
Guide to the Vegetation of Britain and Europe (OUP, 1985)
Pocket Book of Animals (Kingfisher, 1990)
Pocket Guide to Birds of Prey of the World (Mitchell Beazley, 1991)
Wildlife Travelling Companion: Great Britain and Ireland (Crowood Press, June 1992)
Dictionary of Earth Sciences (Merlion, March 1992/Prentice-Hall US)
Dictionary of Animal Life (Merlion, August 1992/Prentice-Hall US)
Dictionary of Ecology and Plant Life (Merlion, February 1993)
Dictionary of Prehistoric Life (Merlion, August 1993)
The Vital Wealth of Plants (WWF, March 1993)
Collins Photogem Wild Flowers (Harper Collins, July 1994)
Bloomsbury Illustrated Dictionary of  Animal Life (1995)
Bloomsbury Illustrated Dictionary of  Earth Sciences (1995)
Bloomsbury Illustrated Dictionary of  Ecology and Plant Life (1995)
Bloomsbury Illustrated Dictionary of  Prehistoric Life (1995)
Pocket Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe (Dragon's World, July 1995)
Plants (Dempsey Parr, October 1998)
Wildlife Factfinder (Dempsey Parr, June 1999)
Animals of the World (Parragon/Mustard, Autumn 1999)
Fantastic Facts about Insects, Amphibians and Reptiles (Parragon, 2000)
Fantastic Facts about Mammals (Parragon, 2000)
Fantastic Facts about Birds and Fish (Parragon, 2000)
Fantastic World of Mammals (Miles Kelly, 2000)
Travellers' Nature Guide: Britain (with Bob Gibbons) (Oxford University Press, 2003)
Trees of Tropical America (Lorenz Book/Anness Publishing 2005)
Gardens for Birds (Aura Garden Guides, 2006)
Gardens for Wildlife
(Aura Garden Guides, 2007)
Wild Flowers of the Americas (Lorenz Books/Anness Publishing 2008)
Chinese Wildlife (Bradt Travel Guides, 2008)
The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Insects (Lorenz Books/Anness Publishing 2008)
Bird Watch - a survey of planet Earth’s changing ecosystems (forthcoming 2011)

Books edited, etc:
Tell Me About The World of Animals (consultant) (Kingfisher, 1990)
Given: Principles and Practice of Plant Conservation (Timber Press US/Chapman & Hall UK, 1994)
WWF Plant Conservation Manuals (series editor) (Earthscan):
· Martin: Ethnobotany (1994; re-issued 2003)
· Cronk & Fuller: Plant Invaders (1995; re-issued 2001)
· Tuxill & Nabhan: Plants and Protected Areas (1998; re-issued 2001)
· Cunningham: Applied Ethnobotany (2001)
· Laird (ed.): Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge (2002)
· Campbell & Luckert (ed.): Uncovering the Hidden Harvest (2002)
· Shanley et al. (ed.): Tapping the Green Market (2002)
· Cunningham, Belcher and Campbell: Carving out a Future (2005)
· Lawrence and Hawthorne: Plant Identification, Conservation and Management (2006)
· Hamilton: An Introduction to Plant Conservation (2006)
· also: Berjak & Grimsdell: Botanical Databases for Conservation & Development (1999)
Guide to Central Cambridge (main photographer) (CUP March 1994)
Wakeford, T and Walters, M:
Science for the Earth (Wiley, April 1995)
Encyclopedia of British Birds (Parragon, 1999)
Small Woodland Creatures (Oxford University Press, 2001)
Animal Tracks (Oxford University Press, 2001)
Freshwater Life (Oxford University Press, 2001)
Travellers' Nature Guides (series editor; Oxford University Press, 2003/4):
· Britain
· France
· Greece
· Spain
Green Inheritance (editor of new edition; Gaia, Octopus/California, 2005)
China Yunnan Province: the Bradt Travel Guide, 2nd edition (Bradt Travel Guides, 2007)

Books to which contributed:
Plant Life (Equinox / Andromeda OUP US, 1991)
Nature's Last Strongholds (Equinox / Andromeda OUP US, 1991)
World Book Encyclopedia
Family Encyclopedia of Nature
(Mitchell Beazley, 1992)
Hutchinson Encyclopedia
Eyewitness Travel Guide Provence and the Côte d'Azur (Dorling Kindersley, 1995)
Eyewitness Travel Guide Ireland (Dorling Kindersley, 1995)
Eyewitness Travel Guide Greece (Dorling Kindersley, 1997)
Fantastic Facts about Mammals (2000)
World of Animals (2003)
Eyewitness Travel Guide China (Dorling Kindersley, 2005)
Readers Digest Atlas of the World (1997)
The World in One Day: Russell Ash (Dorling Kindersley, 1997)
Encyclopedia of British Birds (Parragon, 1999)
Handbook of the Birds of the World (Lynx Edicions, Barcelona, 1999)
Philip's Nature Encyclopedia (George Philip, 2001)
Earth (Dorling Kindersley, 2003)
Plant (Dorling Kindersley, 2004)
Trees of the Americas (Anness Publishing, 2005)
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trees of the World (Anness Publishing, 2007)
Green China (Stacey International, 2008)
Creatures of Arabia: reptiles and amphibians (2010)
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Wild Flowers and Trees of  the British Isles (2011)
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Wild Flowers and Flora of the World (2011)
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Wild Flowers and Trees of  North America (2011)

Books translated/adapted/edited  (mainly from German):
Singer: Field Guide to Birds of Britain & N. Europe (Crowood Press, 1991)
Recht & Wetterwald:
Bamboos (Eugen Ulmer - Batsford/Timber Press, 1992)
Wild Flowers of Britain and Europe Collins Nature Guides (Harper Collins, May 1994) (translated and adapted)
Trees of Britain and Europe Collins Nature Guides (Harper Collins, Autumn 1994) (translated and adapted)
Wild Animals of Britain and Europe Collins Nature Guides (Harper Collins, July 1995) (translated)
Herbs and Healing Plants of Britain and Europe Collins Nature Guides (Harper Collins, March 1996) (translated and adapted)
World Religions (edited translation) (Könemann Verlag, 1997)
Kurt G. Blüchel:
Hunting and Game (edited translation) (Könemann Verlag, 1997)
Lack: A Garden for Eternity (translated and edited) (Benteli Verlag, 2000)
Lack: Garden Eden (translated and edited) (Taschen Verlag, 2001)
The Wood Book (translated part) (Taschen Verlag, 2002)
Taking Flight: journeys of migration (Hachette Illustrated, 2003); French original
Jardin de la Malmaison (translated) (Prestel Verlag, Munich, 2004)
Birds of Prey of Europe (translated) (Collins, 2008)

The Living Countryside
British Wildlife
Nature in Cambridgeshire

Animal World (Marshall Cavendish)
CAM Magazine (science contributor)
CD-ROM Autoroute Express (Websters Multimedia, 1997)
CD-ROM Enviduca (environmental information) (Systime, 1996)
WWF: People and Plants working papers (editor)
WWF: People and Plants handbooks (editor and contributor)
Brown Packaging (Partworks) (contributor)
Wildlife of Britain (contributor) (Midsummer Books, 1997/1998/1999)
Plant Talk (2003)
Chinatown Magazine (2006/2007)
Other publications (contributor/editor etc):